Friday, November 30, 2007

Are we having Escuelita today?

This is Samuel's first question every morning. Not on weekends, just weekdays. This is not a question filled with expectancy and joy, but with a a whiny, whiny voice. Not that he does not want to learn, but he would rather build, build, build his skyscrapers.

But today was different. He decided that Wuff (stuffed dog), Flecos, Pillow and Christmas Hermie needed to go to school. Christmas Hermie drove the green car which transported each student to their building (a box) created right in front (blocking the way) of the master bedroom. When they were all in session Samuel informed me that he was now ready for Escuelita and that even though his friends were also studying Bible, handwriting, math, experiments, reading, storytime, spanish and music, it only took them an hour instead of the hour and a half that it takes us!

Well, it's the weekend. Let's enjoy!

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