Monday, February 3, 2014

Pajama Day

Samuel and Friends who wore pajamas to Music Class!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Welcome to 6th grade! (second semester)

August 2013
It has been sooooo long since I have paid any attention to this blog! Sorry mom and dad...I know that you are really the only ones who keep up with it!

We started 6th grade using the Illuminations curriculum because we enjoyed Mystery of History (MOH) so much and it is the backbone of the Illuminations curriculum. But lo and behold I missed the ease of  planning in Heart of Dakota and the variety of subjects.  Since Heart of Dakota also uses MOH, I decided to switch for second semester (with Samuel's blessing...).  It has been a welcome routine.

So the history of Samuel's schooling has been filled with variety but we have been having a lot of fun (when not arguing about getting things done...)

Resurrection to Reformation is the guide, from Heart of Dakota, we have chosen to follow for 6th grade, and I am glad to be back on old stomping ground. Poetry, Literature, Bible Study, Devotionals, Science, Storytime, Research, Projects, Grammar, Shakespeare, Art, Math and Geography.  It seems like a lot, but with the Charlotte Mason philosophy as our foundation we are able to do all this in small bits every week.

I am thankful to the HOD author/editor.  When I mentioned that we were doing our own thing and then Unschooling she was so understanding.  I bet she knew I'd be back!

Friday, August 9, 2013

A Tire and a Tent

Survival class #6.  I should have stayed outside in the heat with the boys to learn how to do this...but I really wanted them to have their "guy" time!

Do you know how to change a tire? After this experience at least these boys have participated in the act of changing a tire but I'm sure they'll have to repeat it when they get their first car!

Putting up the tent was a little more difficult...
Not enough tools...Samuel, why are you hammering with an ax? And looking away?
And this was the best they could figure out. Failure....
It just means they will try again next week!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Curriculum Choice for Sixth Grade

Last year we read through The Mystery of History volume 1  and totally enjoyed it.  So this year I wanted  to continue with volume 2 as the backbone of our studies and in my research I found Illuminations.

     When you purchase Illuminations, all the planning is already done, yet at the same time it is very flexible.  This curriculum  is a digital download and very little needs to be printed out. Math is the only subject that is not suggested or scheduled and there are over 20 e-books included that are guides for literature.  This curriculum includes more than we could possibly use and offers the ease to tailor the program to our needs.  We kept Rod and Staff for grammar since we have been using it for many years and omitted the geography which is too basic for Samuels' needs.

Here's what we will be using this year:
The Mystery of History volume 2 (history, geography)
Bible (New Testament)
Reading and Literature (check out the amazing list of books we are scheduled to read!)

We are looking forward to our days of learning! What about you? Have you made your choices?  If you need inspiration click here to join the 5th Annual "Not" Back to School Blog Hop and get inspired!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Survivor Class for Boys

Tray (10),  Ivan (10), and Samuel (11) a.k.a Survivor Boys
Some boys dream of shooting rabbits. Others dream of temperatures and maps.  Some boys keep a pocket knife wherever they go. Others are just a click away from the latest weather radar update for storms. Some boys thrive on competition in the water and the monotony of repetition. Other boys just want to have fun in the water and thrive on unstructured swim.

But there is one thing all boys (and girls too!) need to know. Basic survival skills.

We planned a 7 week session with an army captain.  We bought the book. The first class was a success.  The second class was postponed but quite successful and then our army captain was assigned to travel for six weeks!

The boys were bummed.  What to do?

Ask their dads to step in and here is how the survival class has progressed:

Week #1 - Staying safe at all times. Make a survival bracelet.
Week #2 - Completing survival bracelets. Preparing emergency plan and emergency kit for home.
Week #3 - with Samuel's dad (an accountant and all-around handy man) - Building Shelters

Week #4 with Tray's dad (a policeman and hunter) - hunting for food, building a fire and cooking your food.

Hmmmm...this  reminds me we need a plan for this week!