Sunday, January 26, 2014

Welcome to 6th grade! (second semester)

August 2013
It has been sooooo long since I have paid any attention to this blog! Sorry mom and dad...I know that you are really the only ones who keep up with it!

We started 6th grade using the Illuminations curriculum because we enjoyed Mystery of History (MOH) so much and it is the backbone of the Illuminations curriculum. But lo and behold I missed the ease of  planning in Heart of Dakota and the variety of subjects.  Since Heart of Dakota also uses MOH, I decided to switch for second semester (with Samuel's blessing...).  It has been a welcome routine.

So the history of Samuel's schooling has been filled with variety but we have been having a lot of fun (when not arguing about getting things done...)

Resurrection to Reformation is the guide, from Heart of Dakota, we have chosen to follow for 6th grade, and I am glad to be back on old stomping ground. Poetry, Literature, Bible Study, Devotionals, Science, Storytime, Research, Projects, Grammar, Shakespeare, Art, Math and Geography.  It seems like a lot, but with the Charlotte Mason philosophy as our foundation we are able to do all this in small bits every week.

I am thankful to the HOD author/editor.  When I mentioned that we were doing our own thing and then Unschooling she was so understanding.  I bet she knew I'd be back!

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