Monday, August 5, 2013

Curriculum Choice for Sixth Grade

Last year we read through The Mystery of History volume 1  and totally enjoyed it.  So this year I wanted  to continue with volume 2 as the backbone of our studies and in my research I found Illuminations.

     When you purchase Illuminations, all the planning is already done, yet at the same time it is very flexible.  This curriculum  is a digital download and very little needs to be printed out. Math is the only subject that is not suggested or scheduled and there are over 20 e-books included that are guides for literature.  This curriculum includes more than we could possibly use and offers the ease to tailor the program to our needs.  We kept Rod and Staff for grammar since we have been using it for many years and omitted the geography which is too basic for Samuels' needs.

Here's what we will be using this year:
The Mystery of History volume 2 (history, geography)
Bible (New Testament)
Reading and Literature (check out the amazing list of books we are scheduled to read!)

We are looking forward to our days of learning! What about you? Have you made your choices?  If you need inspiration click here to join the 5th Annual "Not" Back to School Blog Hop and get inspired!


Christy said...

We are using MOH volume one this year for our history spine. I'll have to keep that reading list handy for next year too, we plan to use MOH volume two then.

It all looks like a great year!

Jacquelin said...

Looks like a great year you have planned out! Your reading list looks great too!