Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Most homeschools include some type of handicraft. Samuel LOVES crafts and I am trying to find ways to make useful crafts, not just stuff that you end up throwing away. If it cannot eaten, worn or filed in his portfolio, then we probably are not going to do it. And this is one reason I am glad we have found Hearts and Trees . The winter kit we purchased includes (besides other projects) everything you need to make a fleece hat. Samuel is not able to do this on his own, but is able to assist in folding, measuring, cutting and marking. In 30 minutes it was finished. Only one measurement was wrong so...the hat is too small for Samuel's head, but it is perfect for Wuff! Now when we go out in 37 degree weather, like today, Wuff will be warm. And believe me, Wuff goes everywhere we go.
Does this mean we have to make another hat?

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