Sunday, December 30, 2007

Our Curriculum

After MANY months of trying to come up with my own Christ-centered curriculum appropriate for Kindergarten and to fit our homeschool, I found Heart of Dakota. Little Hearts for His Glory is exactly what we needed with just the right amount of structure and flexibility. It takes one hour and thirty minutes for us to complete the lessons for the day and a little longer when we add nature walks and handicrafts. On Fridays we are supposed to share the memory verse of the week and it was chore for Samuel until we started posting it on this blog. He still insists that his favorite part of school is recess and snack time, but then we really don't have recess or snack. And you have to take into consideration that he loves to contradict everything I say. I truly believe that singing the scripture song and sharing the memory verse are his favorites because we do it online for the whole family (click on any of the SHARING titles to the left).
Last Friday we did not have school but did enjoy a nature walk at a beach in Malibu. We are in California on a family vacation visiting my sister. It was very cold and very beautiful and a great way to incorporate "Escuelita" into our vacation. That is what homeschool is all about!
Please click below and enjoy this encounter at the beach.

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