Wednesday, March 26, 2008

En la Biblioteca

Every Tuesday we meet with friends to have Spanish storytime at the library at SWAU. This week we read "Katy No Tiene Bolsa", the ficticious story of a Kangaroo who does not have a pocket to carry her baby in. She eventually ends up in the big city and finds a man wearing an apron with many pockets. This man is very kind and gives her his apron and Katy is very happy to be able to carry her baby Kangaroo and many other baby animals.
As you can see in this picture, the children each made an apron and then were able to carry their baby doll or crocodile in their pocket just like Katy!
The children are Adrianna (2), Gabriel (4), Samuel (5 soon to be 6...), Emily (4 soon to be 5) and Elianna (5).

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