Saturday, April 26, 2008

History: The Age of Exploration

This week we had a great time studying history.

On Monday we learned about the first people who lived in the USA and were called Indians by the explorers. We made a tabletop setting for the Plains Indians which included teepees, a river with fish, a boat with a fisherman and a lady by the fire (waiting to cook the fish!).

On Tuesday, we read about Christopher Columbus wanting to go East by going West. And his 3 boats where named (according to Samuel), La Nina, La Pinta & La Santa Biblia!
On Wednesday we read about Balboa viewing the Pacific Ocean from the top of a mountain in Panama and later a canal was built at that place and a town named after him. We created a landform with clay, put water around it and made a path for our giant ant to go through without having to go around (could not find a small boat...).
On Thursday we set up an archeological dig site to find where Juan Ponce De Leon hid a cross and a helmet close to a spring of water. But I FORGOT to take pictures...

On Friday we read about Pizarro who was greedy and put the king of Peru in Jail. The king offered to fill a room with gold in exchange for his freedom. Here is Samuel's rendition of the room full of gold. Pizarro did not release the king.
We are having a great time and learning a lot with this curriculum (!

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Cluesy said...

Wow Samuel! You did all that in one week?!?! I'm so impressed with everything you're learning. Make sure you save it so Maxton can be smart just like you.