Friday, May 16, 2008

Kindergarten Graduation

kindergarten graduation 039, originally uploaded by Malie.

This is what we have been up to!

Six home-school families got together and planned a Kindergarten graduation. We do not use the same curriculum, but we all thought it would be good to celebrate our home-schools and God together.

It was a very nice ceremony/reception and Samuel is feeling proud to be a graduate. I believe it also helped that a few weeks ago Kisha graduated with her Masters Degree and Jasmin with her Bacherlors degree. He saw both of these "grown ups" (who are like his big sisters) march and excited to graduate, so it was a good thing to do.

Graduation came at Unit 24 in our curriculum, Little Hands for His Glory from HOD, which is a 34 unit program for ages 5 to 7, and covers Kindergarten and 1st grade. So even if we had not finished the book, we were already doing 1st grade work, and after 3 days off, we are back to work. We will have school until we leave to Costa Rica and will enjoy a vacation there. Little Hands will be completed in August.

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Congratulations Samuel!

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