Monday, July 21, 2008

Home-school in Costa Rica

We (Samuel and I) are still in Costa Rica, Daddy went home to Texas a week ago. Here are some pictures that we took while on the mission trip to Yorkin, Talamanca in Costa Rica.

After the adventure of getting to Yorkin, each morning around 6:00 am we had to hike down the mountain (30 minutes) in the mud with rubber boots, walking sticks and anything else we needed for the rest of the day. Here we stand by the Church our team painted (indoors).
We walked through the jungle. The path we followed has been created by horses or human feet. As we near the river we know that our down hill hike is over and we will be walking beside the river. It is beautiful here. No electricity, no cars (we got here by walking/hiking for about 2 hours and then 20 min. by canoe), no air conditioning, no ice. It is humid. When you get wet during a down pour you hang up your muddy clothes in your room and hope that tomorrow morning they will just a little damp, good enough to wear again.
Samuel enjoyed Yorkin tremendously. The mud, the hikes, walking in the rain, chasing the chickens, the flowers, the rocks, the children of the Bribri tribe. Even though most of these indigenous people are now mixed, this will probably be the closest encounter we will have with the relatives of the first people who inhabited Costa Rica. This was school at its best!

When our mission trip was over we decided to take the canoe all the way back to the bus instead of hiking for 2+ hours. Our luggage was on one canoe, and just 6 passengers at a time on another. It was an awesome ride through rapids, river junctions, deep calm waters and shallow rocky streams. The jungle is incredibly peaceful...

I know that we did not experience everything that involves life in Yorkin, but I wonder if the only reason I "survived" this endeavor was because I knew that it would be over in a few days and I would eventually go back to my comfortable air conditioned, absolutely no mud, no flies, ice producing refrigerator, no canoe in the garage microveable home? This worries me. I think I want to go back to Yorkin. But do I really? This was home-school at its best for ME!

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Melody said...

Awesome blog. You know when we were there I liked it and wondered how much longer I could stay, but I realized how much I loved the quiet and simple way of life when I returned home and had to jump back into the hustle and bustle of things. I want to go back!