Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Weekend Activities

A very busy weekend.
Samuel "promised" to sing with the choir and march in with the Adventurers without crying or getting hysterical. I am very proud to say that he kept his promise. A great milestone in his career...

"Little Lights for Jesus" sang at the Cleburne SDA Church. They did a great job! Even though some of their faces look a little rough...
In the evening we participated in the Adventurer Club Induction. It was short and simple. And guess who is the counselor for "Busy Bees"?
Here I am, all smiles, will my counselor patch in the wrong place... It's my parents fault. I never had the privilege of being in Adventurers when I was a 6 year old!

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Cluesy said...

they didn't have adventurers back then!