Thursday, November 13, 2008

Art with a Purpose

A few moms have mentioned that they would like to add Art Study to their homeschool without having to engage in meaningless crafts. The following book suggestion I learned from Harmony Fine Arts At Home.

The Oxford First Book of Art by Gillian Wolfe is full of beautiful art, doable activities and detective ooportunites that children easily understand.

Quoting from page 19: "Look at the above painting entitled Holiday by James Tissot. Do you see the arrangement of the glass water bottles on the picnic cloth? It echoes the shape of the horsechestnut leaves above. What else is arranged like this? Can you find four men, three young women, one old lady and a child? The aren't all easy to see! In which season was Holiday painted? How can you tell?"

There is also a drawing activity and another painting that correlates with this lesson. We had a good time observing, drawing and talking about it. And it was EASY. Just once a week.

Now we need to plan a trip to the museum and put our detective skills to work!

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