Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Reading Poetry

This too is part of school.
Each week we are introduced to a new poem which we read, discuss, use it as copywork practice and portray it through art. One of the suggested activities is to create hand motions for the poem, but that is not Samuel's favorite thing to do; so instead we take turns reading each section. We are really enjoying this week's poem (Unit 16) and wanted to share with you.

God Who Made the Earth
God, who made the earth,
The air, the sky , the sea,
Who gave the light its birth,
Careth for me.
God, who made the grass,
The flower, the fruit, the tree,
The day and night to pass,
Careth for me.
God, who made the sun,
The moon, the stars, is He,
Who, when life's clouds come on,
Careth for me.
God, who made all things,
On earth, in air, in sea,
Who, if I lean on Him,
Careth for me.
When in heaven's bright land,
I all His loved ones see,
I'll sing with that blessed band,
"God cared for me."
Sarah Betts Rhodes

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