Monday, June 15, 2009


This is the "new thing" in homeschooling - Workboxes. I am surprised that I am trying it out, because I am not one to follow the latest. But it makes so much sense. Plus it has to do with a schedule, organization, discipline and independence. Hmmmm. I like all of those words!

Sue Patrick has created this fabulous idea for homeschoolers to learn how to work independently and efficiently. I looked had 20+ blogs and read how others are implementing it and then I purchased the E-book. After reading it I decided it wouldn't work for us. Then last week I read the book again and decided I need to at least try it to make sure.

So we purchased the shoe rack, 12 clear boxes and the system is ready to go. Today after we complete our chores we will start school at 8:45 am. We will cover History, Geography, Poetry and Literature together. Then Samuel will look at his "strip" and do the following. (I downloaded the strip from Sue Patrick's website and the white schedule cards from this blog.

1. Quiet time - (listen to a Bible story on CD)
2. Math
3. Copywork
Practice Piano (to do list is on the piano)
4. Spelling (will call me for dictation after studying his words)
5. Bible Study (with Mom)
6. Spanish worksheet
7. Read Aloud (with Mom)
8. Geography review (working independently on the Oregon trail)
Jump on the Trampoline
9. Craft
10. Maze book
11. Review money worksheet
12. Lewis & Clark DVD (National Geographic documentary)
Training for 5K with Mom

Everything he needs for each number above is in a numbered box that he will pick up, put on the table (everything needed for the activity is in the box), and when done, puts in a designated location. This way the boxes dissapear as the work gets done. When he finishes the 12 boxes the rack is empty and he is free to play.

Today will be our first day...

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