Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer School in Pasadena

Homeschooling in the summer is always a challenge. We want to continue school but we want it to be different. We want routine and at the same time variety.

This summer we are in Pasadena, California spending a month with my sister, Delina, and her husband, Ben, and their almost 2-year-old Maxton. She is expecting twins and we came to help out with Maxton for a few weeks.
Maxton is now at the end of Unit 1 in Little Hearts for His Glory and Samuel has been working on Summer Bridge Activities. And then we visited to The Huntington...
And now summer school has been planned! I purchased The Huntington for Kids which is full of activities to complete at each visit which include plant study, architeture study, picture study and more.
And the best part? The Huntington is within walking distance (1 mile) in a very, very, very nice neighborhood. Our studies begin today in the Jungle garden and then a visit to the Children's garden (at the Huntington) for playtime.
I should mention that my sister had already planned for us to visit The Huntington, but since I am older I needed to go first and give my approval...good job Deli!
I hope I am able to take pictures and share!

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