Friday, September 25, 2009

Week in Review - Unit 5 and more...

During Unit 5 Samuel studied about the Early settlements in the New World. In Geography he learned about the 4 hemispheres; in Science he learned about vertebrates and invertebrates, and in Language Arts he continues learning about sentences.
During reading and storytime he is exploring adventure stories by reading "The Littles" and "Snow Treasure". Both are excellent books!
For art Samuel colored salt in order to create "Indian Sand Painting",
and to fully experience life as it was centuries ago, he enjoyed the field trip to "Log Cabin Village" in Fort Worth;

for fun he had an awesome time at the Busseys for game night and we all loved Rod's homemade pizza. (plus we will never forget Leonia's "sportmanship"... )

We all played at least one game together, Cadoo. It was so much fun! Thanks Noemi for this gift!!!

And finally, after 3 years, "Tia Nelly" came for a short visit.

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