Monday, October 18, 2010

Geography School

I have finally accepted that Samuel will not be happy (the way I am...) with a boxed curriculum.

Heart of Dakota was the curriculum of choice for K - 2, but the more Samuel is growing, he is naturally becoming his own person. A young boy who loves geography. So I thought that Paths of Exploration, a geography based curriculm would be perfect for him. We began following the lesson plans for grade 3 - but it is not enough geography for Samuel and too much fighting between us to get everything done.

Back to researching homeschool philosophies and curriculums.

Then I remembered "Delight Directed Studies". I am not sure if Gregg Harris was the first to come up with it, but here is what he says: "In a delight-directed study, a child's interest are fanned to flame and supported in ways that increase his interest in his studies. The child's delight is the spark that ignites everything. Once established, like a fire, it is self-sustaining. The student begins to study for his own personal satisfaction, and the fruits of his study begin to flow outwards to others".

So here is our Fall 2010 line-up :

Bible: God's Great Covenant and Trail Guide to Bible Geography
Math: Teaching Textbooks (he loves it because it is on the computer. Lecture and practice!)
US 50 States: The Star-Spangled State Book (he loves, loves loves this book/workbook. It includes dictionary skills which he NEVER wanted to do before, but does not complain at all now and does it on his own!!!)
Geography, Science, History: Paths of Exploration (right now we are on the unit of Lewis and Clark. He REALLY likes "Munford Meets Lewis and Clark" for his read aloud.)
Art: Draw Write Now (this series is perfect for Samuel's "artistic" skills)
Hopefully I will blog a little more often now that we have a plan for the semester!

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