Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Best Music Programs For Homeschool Families

Not everyone wants to teach music at home.  Not everyone can teach music at home.  So here are 3 of my suggestions for the best music programs for you to be involved in.  From newborn to elementary age, these programs offer what you are looking for. Similar post on my website ttp://

Musikgarten -  has a very Charlotte Mason feel in that it offers a broad and generous curriculum spreading a musical feast for your family. It is based on understanding how children learn music and the best way to teach them. Movement, singing, listening, music theory, nature study, "living stories", composer study, music appreciation, poetry and even geography are a part of this program.   Your child's music education with Musikgarten may begin when he/she is a newborn and continue up to age 10 with their last piano book.  Musikgarten uses a variety of  acoustic and electronic instruments in superb musical arrangements (click and scroll down to hear a sample).  The children's creativity is carefully nurtured guiding them to even improvise a 12-bar blues! This is definitely my favorite program!

Music Together - strives to keep their classes focused on family and what families do together. Their songs are fun and lean more towards a folk style.  If you need a class where you can enroll several of your children at once, this is the one to try. You can also listen to their songs to get a better idea of the Music Together style.  The Music Together is non-sequential and each book or unit is characterized by its own instrument.

Kindermusik - a very popular music program that also offers classes for all ages and even offers specialty classes to enhance language development and other cognitive skills. Listen to their music here.  I have not taught the new program, so all I can do is refer you to their website, but I have seen the joy this music class brings to my nephew and niece and their family!

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