Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade, part A, January 2011 (8 1/2 years old)

Fourth Grade, part B, July 2011 (9 years old)

Samuel really wanted to be in fourth grade at the beginning of the year!  I believe it was mostly peer pressure from one specific boy in his piano class.  So, I said "Of course you can be in 4th grade.  You can be in any grade you want!" And that is what we called it.  He was also struggling with a bad attitude in general when it came to chores and school, and 2010 was just a year of homeschool ups and downs.

A year ago we started Third grade with a completely different curriculum, stepping away from Heart of Dakota (my all time favorite), then experimenting with Unschooling, eclectic, and Simply Charlotte Mason.  I believe we have come full circle.  We are back with Heart of Dakota, and what I truly learned this year is that the curriculum is usually not the problem.  But adapting it to your student's learning style and personality is 99% of the battle.

So he is back to enjoying school.  Granted we have only completed one week - but it was a good one!


Dawn said...

I am glad you found what works for you and your son.

Amy said...

It feels good to find out what works and what you love. Enjoy your year!