Saturday, August 6, 2011

Math - Teaching Textbooks

 From the beginning of homeschool (Kindergarten) we had used Singapore Math.  However, once we hit 3rd grade, it was a struggle for me to explain Math to Samuel in a way that he could understand.  VERY frustrating.
After much research I discovered Teaching Textbooks, and a year ago we started Math 3. It comes with a textbook and 4 CD-ROMS with100 plus lessons.  Each lesson begins with a 5 minute lecture, practice questions and problems and then an assignment.  It has been the best Math program for Samuel and the only time we stopped the daily lessons was to spend time memorizing the times tables.

I like that it includes a grade book, bonus rounds to earn extra credit/practice skills and a quiz every 7 lessons.  I highly recommend it if you struggle explaining the abstract.  Even though it is not considered a rigorous math program it is exactly what we need at this moment in time. And why would you want your child to struggle in math?

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