Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Samuel getting Neptune ready for his display...the sun is  to the right.
 First it was maps, then geography, then weather, then hurricanes and now...astronomy.  I don't really know when it happened or how it happens, but it does.  Samuel's interest in a subject grows and grows - and all the conversations at home revolve around this particular subject.  Right now it's astronomy!

Samuel made a schedule to organize his project for the Homeschool Academic Fair.
 For the last month he has been excited about presenting a project at the Homeschool Academic Fair in Cleburne (Texas) which he has named "Weather in the Solar System".

After planets and moons are painted they are left to dry and then labeled in a Ziploc bag.
You might be wondering what I had to do to make him want to do all this...and my answer is time.  Unschooling allows him the time he needs to work on what he is interested in.  If I stay out of the way he has time and space to think on his own.  That is a scary thought! Allowing kids to think on their own...

A few of the book/videos Samuel has chosen to use for his lesson plan - plus  space school  from  www.discovery.com
He's turning out to be such a teacher! He has created an astronomy lesson plan for 3 or 4 months of reading and videos that he presents to me once a week. Since we are of the  "young earth creationist" view it is interesting to hear him comment on the books and videos that have an evolutionary point of view. I would like him to understand both - not for discussion or debate - but for him to formulate his own belief (ouch!) He has also created a book where he summarizes with pictures and facts what we learned during the lesson.

By the way... He still works on math, bible ,world history, grammar, writing, reading, fine arts, piano and daily chores. Just not every day!

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Aadel Bussinger said...

Awesome! My middle daughter loves constellations - we downloaded the Sky Viewer app for my tablet. It lets her see the current position of the stars by using the camera on the tablet.