Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Library Day

Last week Adrianna and Gabriel's mom read "The Story of Ping" in spanish, which is also one of our all time favorites!
It tells a story of a litte duck in China who lives in a boat with at least 40 cousins on a boat on the Yantze river. He is lost for a day but then finds his home and doesn't mind living on the boat after all.
Ms. Shirley brought a craft for each of them to create Ping and cousins on the river and the boat near by.
And to top it off each child received his own "Ping" like stuffed duck. What a great idea!

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Ina said...

Sure wish I could be there to enjoy all the fun you are having at school time. Seems to be very COOL to be in your school.

Love you a bunch
Grandma Pryce