Thursday, April 3, 2008

Week in Review

At the beginning of library time we played an art memory game with friends and learned to pronounce "Fra Angelico", "Da Vinci", Botticelli", "Raphael" and the names of other Renaissance artists. During "Espanol" we worked on the letter U in print and cursive and reviewed other vowel sounds.

During (HOD)Bible study we read about Peter's vision of the sheet full of animals. Here you see Samuel's sheet with animals. The big blue ball on the left is a colorful ladybug. Just in case you were wondering...We also read about Saul's encounter with Jesus. What do you think Samuel liked the best about the felts? Well, of course, the city. He kept moving it around.

Just when it was time to go to the Studio, Samuel dropped his container of beads. He picked them up, and then tripped over the container. I began picking some up so we would not be late and then he accidentally kicked the container AGAIN!!!!!!! Ok, after that I just had the get the camera out.When it was time for math this week, we learned about halves and quarters. This is Samuel's activity to show 1 quarter.

During reading he was not as attentive as you can see below. He always thinks there is something more interesting under the table...

A mini-vacation would be nice!

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