Monday, November 24, 2008


Today we read John 14:23-31 and learned how "God floods our hearts with peace through the Holy Spirit, if we believe in Him. God is with us through good and bad times. The pilgrims (whom we have been studying for the past 12 weeks) had many troubled times. But they trusted God and obeyed his teaching through it all" (BLHFHG unit 12 day 5).

Samuel expressed this lesson artistically by creating a heart out of a coffee filter, writing PEACE in its center and then dipping the corners in colored water.After unfolding the heart we saw how the colors (trials, tribulations) bled into each other but with God Peace could always be in our heart.
He has promised to send the Holy Spirit to teach us and remind us of what Jesus taught.

We wish you a PEACEFUL day!

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