Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Samuels described it as the best "Happy Thanksgiving Day" ever!

After five hours of games, canoeing, a hayride, hitting the target with bow and arrow, treasure hunt, finding the turkey that kept getting lost and a dip in the jacuzzi, the kids "dressed up" for dinner. Those of you who know Samuel understand why he is only wearing a Pilgrim's hat. He does NOT like to dress up like anything or anyone. He had already agreed to "dress up" and I borrowed an indian outfit complete with headdress, but at the last minute he decided that he would like to be a pilgrim and we borrowed the hat from our hostess.
I believe Samuel also enjoyed the day because we were at a place with children. Sometimes being an only child and always around adults gets old...
We are thankful for friends with children!

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