Wednesday, February 25, 2009


It was a perfect day for studying clouds!
In Unit 21 we read about the pioneers who came from France and settled in Detroit. As this particular family reached the fort a thunderstorm drenched their canoes and bodies, but they continued because they were almost there.

Were there clouds before the flood? Hmmmm....

In our science book we read that clouds show the glory and majesty of God and that one day Jesus will come in the clouds of heaven. And Samuel said, "Mami, what if one day we are out studying the clouds and Jesus is coming back to Earth on one of them?! Wouldn't that be cool?"
Oh, yeah! very cool.

Then we proceeded make the different types of clouds we learned about with Daddy's shaving cream.
Lots of fun!


dpm said...

Samuel, when I was your age, we only had to study three types of clouds. Where did the fourth one come from?

Educando en Familia said...

Hey Dorla,

So good to see your blog!

Haven´t checked but hope you´d be writing in Spanish too!

Saluditos ;-)