Monday, March 16, 2009

Mission Trip to Mexico

Last week was Spring Break in our part of the world and once again we traveled to Mexico on a mission trip. The team from the Keene SDA Church worked on building projects that involved a lot of brick hauling and cement mixing. Samuel and I were involved with VBS for 7 nights. It is always a good thing to get away from the comforts of home and share with others.

El Cercado, the name of the town we visited, is very much a Catholic town, so the burden for VBS was not sharing Jesus, but getting to know Him better. It was A LOT of work and pure delight to see and hear the children reading the Bible and memorizing Scripture. The VBS leaders were awesome and even though some of them worked at hauling bricks in the daytime they were faithful to work with the kids every night.

Many were concerned about our safety in Mexico, since the media has been focusing on the drug wars. However our trip was uneventful and we were never in any danger. Thanks for your prayers.

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