Thursday, March 19, 2009

Faneuil Hall - Boston

During history this week we focused on Life in Colonial Philadelphia and Boston. We learned about Deacon Drowne, a coppersmith in colonial Boston, that made a large grasshopper out of copper. Peter Faneuil admired it and when he gave the city of Boston a new public hall he placed the large grasshopper on top of the tower as a wethervane.

Here you see Samuels depiction of Faneuil Hall. Can you see the grasshopper on top of the tower? On the back of the building he labeled what he believes is on each floor (market, offices, tower, weathervane). We hope to visit Faneuil Hall one day soon.

As part of science Samuel made a grasshopper out of edible "playdough" (soy butter, oats, powdered milk and honey), creating the head, thorax and abdomen. Plus he googled different bug images (water bug, cicada, grasshopper and dragonfly) to add to his science notebook.
Can you believe the instructions said he could eat each part of the grasshopper? He loved eating the head!
Unit 22 is now complete.

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