Thursday, February 5, 2009


You just never know what will happen next!

Monday morning I went in to the allergist for relief and ended up in the ER in anaphylactic shock. It was not pretty and Samuel was with me the whole time. He was the perfect picture of a calm, secure boy, who knew his mommy was going to be OK and that we were in the best place for a sick person, a hospital with at least 3 doctors and 3 nurses hovering over trying to help.

At home we talked about it and I commended him for being so brave - we have been working on this aspect for about two years now. He told me that while mommy was sick he was repeating his memory verse 20 times in his mind until Melody (a friend who works at the same hospital)came to keep him company: "Cast all you anxiety on him because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7". Now I understand why after this incident he keeps locating this text in his Bible, reading it, underlining it.

"We are wrong if we assume that children are too young to enjoy the Bible unless we water it down for them. We don't know how God's spirit will work with each child, and we presume too much by keeping scripture from them because of their age." Charlotte Mason

I keep thanking God for life and for the opportunity to give him tools for life. I did not know I was doing that, I was just following a Godly, Christ-centered curriculum.


dpm said...
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dpm said...

i knew it. something told me that Samuel's calmness had something to do with his memorized verses. so proud of my little guy. it's a great lesson for all of us. no amount of "everything is going to be okay," is going to calm you and bring you peace like the Word of God will.