Sunday, May 3, 2009

Samuel's First Piano Recital

Samuel has been attending Piano Recitals since he was 7 months old and today it was FINALLY his turn to play! José was nervous, I was nervous and Samuel was the happiest kid on the block.

Samuel's selection was titled Sonata Theme in A by W.A. Mozart. He played it first as written in his piano book and then played a variation of it with broken chords. It was beautiful!

I was trying so hard not to be too excited about it that I forgot to videotape his performance. I am blessed with good friends who offered to take pictures for me before the recital started and that is why I have these photos to share (thanks Kim!).

Samuel also received a certificate for playing in the National Piano Playing Auditions. He played 8 pieces by memory for the adjudicator which means he is now a State Member of the Guild.

We were excited that Tia Ruth, Uncle Elwyn and Baby Andrew were able to attend. It would have been complete if Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Delina, Uncle Ben and Maxton were there.


Sandra said...

What a blessing for you and your family!

popuri said...

He is such a talent! I can't play from memory having played the piano/keyboard for at least 8 years! :) May God use him mightily to further his kingdom.