Sunday, January 17, 2010

Week in Review - January 11, 2010

Back to school after a loooong break!

In Unit #8 Samuel built a safe house. It wasn't easy living during colonial times with all the fighting between the Indians and the White people.
He also created a wampum belt out of dyed rice, memorized Proverbs 29:25, began cursive handwriting, studied the character trait 'courage', colored a diagram of the planets in the order that they orbit the sun, and reviewed math concepts covered in the previous units.

A field trip to Bass Hall, in Downtown Fort Worth, accompanied by Nylia and Miscily was a lot of fun. The theme of the concert was "The Composer is Dead", a murder mystery with narration way over their heads, but with exciting and enjoyable music none the less.

We walked a few blocks over to UNO'S Pizza and the kids had the opportunity to make their own pizzas. Yummy!



Not a bad start for 2010.

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Profa said...

!!!Great Start!!!
Love you, and extremly proud of my oldest grandson.

Love you, love you,

Grandma Pryce