Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekly Review...

Samuel is enjoying reading a book from the historical fiction genre. "Hannah",written by Gloria Whelan, is the story of a nine-year-old blind girl and her teacher, who gives her a chance for a whole new life, and the courage she experiences to attain it.

In History Samuel is studying the life of Benjamin Franklin. One of the stories tells of when as a boy he stole some rocks from a construction site with his friends, to build a wharf in order to go fishing. Here is Samuel's wharf...lots of fun! (By the way Franklin did get in trouble for stealing the rocks...)

Benjamin Franklin also worked as a printer in his brother's shop. Samuel experienced the procedure by using stamps to print his name. Even though they used machines he understood how different it is from typing on the computer and clicking "print".

Piano lessons begin this week and Samuel is soooooo excited he even goes to bed every night with his new book 4! I hope the excitement continues once he has to actually practice the songs in book 4...

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