Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Student @ Escuelita Aparicio

Once again I am attempting to homeschool  Samuel (8) and Maxton (3).  The difference this time is that Maxton is soooooooooooo ready for structure and I think that posting it here will make it official for his parents and I. 

Maxton's parents (my sister and her husband) just need to send him over at 8:30 am and give him a little speech about how he has to stay in school until it is over.  He likes to run away....

On the other hand I need to organize our school day so that I have a plan for both and be done by 12 noon. And I love to plan!

For now Maxton will be following the  Rock Star preschool curriculum with a little bit of  Before Five in a Row for literature. It is all very formal for about 10 mintues.

Samuel continues with the same plan mentioned here and here.

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