Thursday, September 15, 2011

Book Report

Reading is so much fun!
For literature class Samuel spends 15 days reading a book or books in a specific genre and spends 5 days creating a book project.  Last week he finished reading The Year of Miss Agnes by Kirkpatrick Hill (realistic fiction genre), and created a timeline of the book with each chapter being an event on the timeline.  Two or three sentences describe each chapter and a drawing completes the task. The textbook Drawn Into The Heart of Reading gave detailed instructions of how to plan and implement this book project so that it would be finished in 5 days.

And I could sense a storm brewing...Samuel is not happy writing for school.  He does not mind spending hours writing and memorizing world geography facts, but when it comes to school work he is suddenly sleepy and tired!  He loves to draw and color National Parks, but if he has to draw ANYTHING for school....his fingers hurt...

Solution?  Work on the computer.  And that is how this became a Power Point presentation, which he was very eager to complete!

Please let him know that you saw his presentation!

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Moedertje said...

I love Samuels Powerpoint presentation. He did a fantastic job. My ds read the book so it was a great overview for me. I will have him take a look at it. It might encourage him to do something like this sometime.
Thanks for sharing.