Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Holocaust Museum

We visited the Holocaust museum a few days before Holocaust Remembrance Day - a sad period in World History.
Standing by a train wagon that was stuffed with 100 or more Jews being transported to death camps is sobering. Did I complain this morning about having to wash dishes?
Viewing the columns representing  the amount of Jews killed each year is frightening.  You can see the year 1942 - the tallest column Samuel is standing by. Poland was the worst. Jews kicked out of their homes, living in ghettos, starved and finally killed. And I thought I was having a bad day this morning...
What are we going to do so this will not happen again? Do we make fun of people because of their looks, disabilities, ethnicity? Yes, we do.  And we think it is harmless fun. Anytime we talk badly about someone we are trying to make ourselves look better...and we contribute a little drop of harmless hatred to the world.
Yeah, I made fun of someone this morning.  I did not say it out loud...but it was in my mind.
I hope we never get the opportunity to stand around a truck of dead bodies and wonder what went wrong. We are so blessed to live in freedom.  Let's use it to spread love - to everyone.

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