Sunday, April 1, 2012

"Today I want to Learn About Flowers"

I struggle daily with Unschooling. It does not come natural for me.
I like structure.
I like order.
I like to follow plans.
I want to measure progress.
I want to know what comes next.
Bluebonnet under the shade of Bastard Cabbage
Unschooling is about freedom.
Unschooling is about trusting God to lead.
Unschooling is about letting go.
It is not natural for my schooled self.

Indian Paint Brush

 "Today I want to learn about flowers" Samuel said.  "My brain said WHAT ABOUT MATH 5?" Thankfully I heard myself say, "Awesome, I have just the book to read". (really,  Dorla?)  After reading outdoors for approximately 7 minutes Samuel said he knew exactly what flower we were reading about and we took off to explore.

A field of Bastard Cabbage by the pond

We didn't find it, but we found Sticky Willy and he commented, "Remember the yellow flowers we were wondering about? I thought they were Wild Mustard, but they're not! Bastard Cabbage are what they're called."

We find plant names by looking through our books, comparing the leaves, the petals, the clusters and usually end up deciding we better ask our friend Google. That is how we found out that Bastard Cabbage is a weed that is killing Bluebonnets all over Texas!

Samuel (9)  and Maxine (2.5)  trying to identify flowers all around
Unschooling is about learning all the time.
Unschooling is life learning.
Unschooling is about letting God lead.

Did I mention that it is not natural for my schooled self?

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Profa said...

Great job Miss Dorla, this is what education is all about.
Great job students, seems like you are really enjoying and learning.
Love you'all.
Grandma Pryce