Monday, June 11, 2012

Mommy...I miss school!

This is probably the post you have been waiting for ever since you were appalled at my Unschooling ideas...

But I have to be honest.  These were Samuel's words to me a few weeks ago. So I asked him, what is it you miss about school?

We were without a schedule unless we had to be somewhere. I spent the time cleaning (!) or working (!) or just doing my own thing, allowing him to do his.  He continued to work on his trip planning and weather watching, but apparently he wanted more.  So I asked him, what is it you miss about school?

"Mommy...we never cuddle and read on the couch anymore."


So, for the last two weeks we have been cuddling on the couch  for one or two hours. I've noticed that when we are consistent with our couch time Samuel is always full of ideas.  Yesterday I asked him what he would like to do when he grows up and since then he has come up with at least three complete plans that he has presented to me. They all have to do with travel...

So here is what we are doing now...

Some days we read about World History , I still panic about  math so he continues with Timezattack  and Math 5 which lately he has been very interested in. After his piano lesson last week he's enjoying the new repertoire and sits at the piano often. He is also currently on book 5 of  this series of 5 books.

Other days we read a Science book on Zoology which reads like a story book. Yesterday after touching a chicken he ran around screaming "Mommy I think I have a zoonotic disease!". Funny.

Geography books are always around.  How do you find something to read to a 10 year old geography lover? He knows all the countries, their capitals, flags, population and place on the globe.  He knows all the states in the U.S., capitals and locations too. So here is what I found and he thoroughly enjoys it.  Explorers Who Got LostAround the World in a Hundred Years, and Geography for Every Kid.

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Anonymous said...

He sounds like an.amazing boy! I'm just starting to think.of what my homeschool journey will look like and I can only hope my children love learning and cuddling at 10 the way your sweet boy does! Glad I found your blog :) Happy Not Back to School to you both I hope you have a wonderful year!