Monday, July 2, 2012

Egyptian Feast

ancient Egyptians
This feast was a sudden, last minute idea!
While Samuel and I were reading about ancient Egypt we came upon the suggestion to have a feast. Exactly 90 minutes before lunch time when Daddy comes home! So we got busy.  The cousins came over for their "preschool time" and were delighted to dress up with robes, jewelry and scarves (we forgot the wigs for the boys until after lunch).  Black eye-liner for everyone!

Samuel in his Egyptian garb.
Yummy food!

We prepared a feast with the a few of the items suggested in the book - just what we had in the pantry and refrigerator. Berries, beans, cheese, eggs, watermelon, flatbread, hummus, raisins, spices and cucumbers.

Egypt map - vanilla cake
The plans for a cake in the shape of Egypt was already planned, so Samuel only had to shape and decorate. Can you see the Sinai peninsula? The Nile River? Cairo?

Oh! and the kids wrapped their stuffed animals in toilet paper - Mummies! I just need to find the picture....

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Melody said...

This is awesome! It reminds me of how I learned about Egypt at my GT school in California. Remember, I told you that my teacher would have us transform ourselves as well (especially when we studied Greece). You remember things well when you experience them. So cool!