Friday, June 8, 2012

Venice, Italy

Samuel really enjoyed the myriad of tiny streets in Venice - you needed a map to find your way around on foot and that made him extremely happy!
waterways of Venice
 We had planned to ride a Gondola or at least a water taxi, but never got around to it. Plus is rained and rained and rained!
St. Mark's Basilica
 We huddled under one little umbrella to get in line to enter St. Mark's Basilica - and it was worth it.  It is beautiful!

walking in the rain in Venice
 We were very lucky to stay at an awesome Italian villa where we could get dry  and prepare for the next day of rain.
Our Villa!
 Yesterday we loved Spain.  Today we loved Venice.  What will tomorrow bring? Hopefully no more rain!
Rialto Bridge - Venice

All pictures taken by Samuel.

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