Wednesday, August 22, 2012

This book as absolutely nothing to do with me.  Well, maybe it does because I drove Samuel to Barnes and  Noble to purchase it - but he bought it with his own money.  That's right.  Samuel SAVES his money for travel related activities unlike his mom who likes to shop....

Anyway, for the past month Samuel has been devouring this book.  Goes to bed with it.  Wakes up with it.  Schedules meetings with Jose and I to decide on places to visit.  Makes charts, itineraries, files, price lists and picture shows about the different places to visit. He reads it to me during breakfast and every time we get in the car he takes it with him.

Definitely  not a book I would have chosen for reading, but hey...he's reading, he comprehends it, narrates the content excitedly.

Little by little I'm getting used to this unschooled way of thinking.  It's not easy!

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