Thursday, November 1, 2012

Weather Boy

How can "school" possibly compete with this room?

It is actually Samuel's bedroom.  Every single paper you see he has handwritten and it is in someway related to the weather.  Specifically hurricanes.  When I walked into his room to take these pictures he was finding out the latest statistics on hurricane Sandy.

The picture above is a favorite he posted on Instagram "What to Wear Forecast"  - Now he knows exactly what to wear depending on the high and low temperature of the day!

Where and when did he learn percentages? Making graphs? Maybe I missed that day of homeschool...
These numbers represent the probability of a hurricane passing through the county where we live.

Slowly but surely I am becoming a believer in unschooling.  But make no mistake...I'm kicking and screaming all the way...

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Anonymous said...

I showed my co-workers these pictures of Samuel's room and they were amazed! They so want to meet him and are impressed with the "unschooling" technique. They definitely agreed that if Samuel was in regular school, he would be so bored. This is great for him.