Wednesday, March 12, 2008

On a Mission!

We just returned from a mission trip to Apodaca, Mexico . It was a good experience. While Jose helped with painting, plastering walls and mixing concrete, Samuel stayed by my side while cutting and preparing materials for Vacation Bible School for the nightly evangelistic meetings. That meant that he was able to run around, play in the dirt and be spoiled by all the ladies on the trip. He loved it and behaved really well. I cannot even say that about some of the adults on the trip!!

School last week was different. He has learned so much already and I wish there were time to write it all down. But we are back home and he wants to continue speaking spanish! Which means that starting today I am making every effort to remember to speak to him in spanish and even school will be in spanish. I have all the books ready waiting for this moment. It will still be Heart of Dakota curriculum just in Spanish.

Thanks for your continued prayers while we were gone.

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