Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Ship That Sails

Some days home-school is hard. As any 7 year old, Samuel is more interested in playing than in the discipline of school work. But as we reviewed poetry today, Samuel chose "The Ship That Sails" for us to read and I am glad he did. In case you don't "get it" after reading it...I'd rather keep trying everyday, than not try at all.
So, if you are struggling with something, and we all are, read on!

The Ship That Sails

I'd rather be the ship that sails
And rides the billows wild and free;
Than be the ship that always fails
To leave its port and go to sea.
I’d rather feel the sting of strife,
Where gales are born and tempests roar;
Than settle down to a useless life
And rot in dry dock on the shore.
I’d rather fight some mighty wave
With honour in supreme command;
And fill a last well earned grave,
Than die at ease upon the sand.
I’d rather drive where storm winds blow
And be the ship that always failed
To make the ports where it would go,
Than be the ship that never sailed.

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Sue said...

I am so glad to find your site. Please check out this web page regarding this poem.