Monday, February 22, 2010

Where does Esther fit into history?

That was the question that needed an answer when I took out the timeline. Two weeks ago we watched one of many Esther movies we own plus I am finishing up Beth Moore's Esther Bible study - which is very good. So we brought out the timeline, and Samuel decided that instead of turning the pages of the timeline, we should spread it out on the floor.

We finally found Esther around 515 B.C.E.

What else was going on? Socrates the philosopher and Hippocrates the physician were alive in Greece. In China it was the age of the philosophers and in America (not USA) the first great Amerindian civilization (OLMECS) flourished in central America. The Hebrews were in captivity and 10 chapters of the Book of Esther take place.

Timelines are great learning tools!

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